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Authors Please Note:

99% of our titles are printed by Print on Demand (PoD). PoD prints one copy of a book every time one is sold. PoD is not the way to sell millions of copies of your books. If that is your goal, your time is better spent with the large New York publishers. We are great at publishing books for which there is a steady, small demand. — from 1 copy a year to 5,000.

If you are reprinting older books, especially backlist titles in an ongoing series — we may be the perfect publisher for you! Please drop us a note or send us an email, and we'll discuss terms.

Guidelines For Authors

Wildside Press is  currently looking for book submissions for its Juno line of fantasy novels (copublished with Pocket Books for national distribution).

For Juno guidelines, please see the Juno Books web site, www.Juno-Books.com

Guidelines For Artists

Because Wildside Press is doing so many book projects, we are greatly in need of talented artists who wish to gain greater exposure for their work. (What better way to build a portfolio than with actual printed book covers?) We are particularly looking for existing mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror artwork. Feel free to query with samples. We will keep materials on file and get in touch if or when we have work for you. Due to the volume of submissions received, we cannot comment or reply individually. Thank you for understanding.

We do have the following requirements:

Do you have a web site? We're happy to take a look at samples there.

For paper samples, send to:

Wildside Press
Attn: Art Director
9710 Traville Gateway Drive # 234
Rockville, MD 20850

If you want it back, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.